The Ultimate Nauru Travel Guide

The Ultimate Nauru Travel Guide

Nauru-ShoreIt’s hard to find a travel guide to Nauru or even find out how to travel to Nauru. In fact, it’s hard to find people who have even heard of Nauru let alone people who have been to Nauru! Wikipedia is probably the best Nauru travel guide but it’s not great. Lonely Planet doesn’t even include Nauru in its books anymore. So I have decided to write my Nauru blog post in the (long) form of an essential travel guide to Nauru.

Whilst Nauru does not exactly boast the number of tourist attractions that bigger countries do, there’s still lots to do here, enough in fact for us to run a 5-day trip here every year, check out the link for our yearly tour to Nauru.

How to get to Nauru

Whilst there is only one airline that flies to Nauru, namely Nauru Airlines, Nauru actually acts as the hub airport for the region, with a direct flight from Australia, as well as Nauru, being part of the Solomon Islands – Kiribati – Nauru – Marshall Islands – Micronesia flight route. In fact, you fly to any of these destinations you will be required to get off in Nauru. Sadly, Nauru Airport is not exactly the most interesting place in the world.

There’s also direct flights from Fiji, and Brisbane in Australia.

Do I need a visa for Nauru?

Yes, you do need a visa to enter Nauru, and whilst getting the visa for Nauru can be a troublesome, we can arrange everything for you. Additionally, citizens of Australia and New Zealand need a letter of invitation to tour Nauru, again something we can help you with.

The following blog has lots of information about the process of obtaining a visa to go to Nauru.

Where is there to stay in Nauru?


There are currently 3 options for hotels in Nauru (all of which we can book), with rumours of a fourth hotel in Nauru unconfirmed. The best hotel in Nauriuin our opinion is the Menen Hotel (Nauru Hotel) a government run affair that has a swimming pool, bar, nightclub and restaurant.

The next option is the Od-N Aiwo Hotel which has a casino attached (no beer), a Chinese restaurant and a decent view of the sea. Both of these options are north of AUD $100.

The last option is the Budapest Hotel Nauru. This is the most expensive option, and with zero amenities, although they do have probably the cleanest rooms, and can offer invitation letters.

Where to eat in Nauru?

Nauru foodDo you like Chinese food? The main culinary experience in Nauru seems to be Chinese food, but aside from that, there’s also a lot of other great options, with the two best places to dine on Nauru probably being Bayview Restaurant, and the Menen Hotel. Due to the refugee situation theres a lso a lot of every changing restaurants run by the immigrant community such as Iranian, or Pakistani food, and its best to check the situation when you go on what is the cool place to eat at.

What is there to do in Nauru?

It would be easy to think that such a tiny place as Nauru would having nothing to offer for a tourist, but in fact there’s a few decent things to check out when you visit Nauru.

The member track left over by the Japanese is probably the coolest thing you can see in Nauru, although it’s a hot 30-minute hike to get here. There’s also some old Japanese prisons around the same area.

The phosphate factory is now abandoned but offers a great place for a bit of urban exploration in Nauru, and is essentially for an understanding of the country.

Being a small country means that it is also possible to go and look around in the parliament building of Nauru, you may even get to meet the President.

Nauru is also famous for its big game fishing and it’s easy to arrange a fishing trip around the island to fit your budget.

There’s a fair bit of other stuff to see and do in Nauru, and we can design the perfect itinerary for your time and budget.

Nauru Facts and Figures

  • There’s technically no capital city
  • Yaren is the capital of the 14 districts of the Republic of Nauru
  • There are around 10,000 people living on Nauru
  • The official currency is the AUD, and there is quite an Australian influence
  • Nauru is one of the few UN nations that does not have a football team
  • Australian Rules Football is the national sport of Nauru
  • Only a hundred, or so people travel to Nauru every year, do you want to be one of them?

This is our essential guide to traveling to Nauru, if you have any objections, tips, or want to visit Nauru, then get in touch.

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