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If like the few others that travel to Nauru you’d like to go solo then Nauru Tours can help arrange everything you might need when you visit Nauru from full tour service to simple bookings.

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Independent tours to Nauru

If you’d like us to arrange every element of your trip to Nauru simply get in touch, and let us plan an itinerary to fit your schedule, be it for a day, or even a few weeks. As part of our independent Nauru travel packages we offer full guide service, complete with a driver, as well as hotel bookings in Nauru.

Tour Guide in Nauru

Nauru might be small, but without local knowledge it is extremely hard to understand what contemporary Nauru is all about. At Nauru Tours we offer tour guide services from both the local refugee community, as well as from local Nauruan’s to help give you that special touch when you visit the country.

Vehicle hires in Nauru

If you’re traveling to Nauru and require a vehicle it is possible to rent all manner of cars to drive yourself (you will need to bring your overseas license to drive in Nauru), rent a motorbike, or even get a car with one of our expert guide/drivers for the duration of your trip to Nauru.

Hotel Bookings in Nauru

Unsurprisingly the likes of (link) don’t really have much of a presence in the Republic of Nauru, and sadly our rather laid-back island mentality can mean it is also quite hard to get on touch with the hotels in Nauru, and that’s where we step in. If you’d like to book one of the three (soon to be four) hotels of Nauru, simply get in touch and let us do the rest.

If you’d like our help with your trip to Nauru then simply fill out the contact form and let us do the rest.


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